Ling and ting not exactly the same book

In the other vignettes, ling and ting make very different dumplings, ling cannot eat with chopsticks no matter how hard ting tries to teach her, and they visit the library. Six short stories from the life of chineseamerican twins ling and ting. Twins ling and ting look exactly alike until a wiggling. Twins will find endearing advocates in ling and ting, chineseamerican twins who goodnaturedly defy peoples assumptions that they are interchangeable. Ting laughs because she is thinking exactly the same thing. The opening segment about these chineseamerican twins shows them visiting a barber. You can find out how they are different in the chapterlike stories told in the book. Free shipping get free shipping free 58 day shipping within the u. I liked ling and ting not exactly the same by grace lin.

Ling and ting are identical chinese american twin sisters who distinguish themselves from each other over the course of six easy, breezy, interconnected stories in this beginning chapter book. Ling and ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different. This collection of six laughoutloud stories is sure to tickle the funny. Introducing two lovable twins in this delightful early reader by awardwinning author grace lin. Not exactly the same is a bubbly little book with six guaranteedtomakeyougiggle stories for the burgeoning independent reader. People see them and they say, you two are exactly the same. Ting sneezes at an inopportune moment, and she gets a chunk cut of her bangs. Little, brown books for young readers, 9780316024525, 48pp. In the first, ting and ling get haircuts, but ling can always sit still. But although they look so similar to one another, they are not exactly the same, something they often find they have to explain to others in these stories.

The author, who is asian american, states at the back of the book that she had four sisters, and though they had the same hair color and eye color, they were not exactly the same. This charming book, divided into six short chapters, echoes the mischievous humor of beverly clearys ramona series. Foundations d learn more foundations how to teach reading. Passport to reading level 3 kindle edition by lin, grace. Not exactly the same printables, classroom activities, teacher resources. Even the youngest children should find themselves drawn along to the next page by engaging stories that unfold. Then the sisters make their own dumplings, proving again that they are not exactly the same when one sister makes dumplings, while the other makes dump tings. The author uses just the right pace to keep the stories moving nicely, and the publisher uses the perfect bold, oversized font to make sure. Ling and ting are two adorable identical twins, and they stick together, whether they are making dumplings, getting their hair cut, or practicing magic tricks. The simple illustrations follow this mishap throughout the book, making the sisters easily identifiable. Each storys plot is as easy to follow as the short, ageappropriate sentences contained within them. Each story ends with an amusing punch line that will make readers. Im going to discuss the theme of racial issues in this book.

Ling and ting look alike and sound alike and sometimes even dress alike but they are not exactly the same, in spite of the world claiming the contrary. She has written a dozen books and won numerous awards including the newbery honor and the theodore geisel honor. Ling and ting are identical chinese american twin sisters who distinguish themselves. Six entertaining tales are blithesome slices of life that exemplify their uniqueness and companionability. Teachers can teach students how write the similarities and. Fatima 572011 it enjoy reading the twin sister ling and ting. Its a good day for new readers when grace lin decides to write a book especially for them. They are often stereotyped as being the same but the book shows how they are different.

They have the same brown eyes, the same pink cheeks, and the same black hair. This would be great to read if there were a set of twins in the classroom. Excellent early reader submitted by klickitat on august 6, 2012, 7. Our booksource team is working remotely and available to answer questions, create price quotes and place book orders. While there are some excellent books with modern asianamerican characters for older children, there are very few in the earlyreader category. Not exactly the same 031602452x hardcover published in 2010, 0316024538 paperback published in 2011, 1449860842 mp3 book. Ling and ting are twin girls who are often told that they look exactly the same, but, as the reader learns, the girls themselves would disagree. Two funloving twin girls, ling and ting, seem as though they are exactly the same, but after observing them share many experiences together, it appears that this may not be true. This book was one of the few she reads over and over again. Grace lin is the authorillustrator of this months book club pick ling and ting. Ling and ting are sisters and look alike, so everyone thinkg they are exactly the same. Title of a book, article or other published item this will display to the public. Ting forgets what card she drew when they do a card trick. In the episodic chapters of this early reader text, ling and ting show readers that they are not exactly the same despite the fact that they are identical twins.

Lings dumplings are smooth and tings are fat, but at books end, the twins admit that although they are not exactly the same, they do stay together. In the opening chapter, the seemingly identical girls dont look exactly alike for long. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. But they are not exactly the same, as ling is quick to say, and ting thinks to herself. It was interesting that one of them ate with chopsticks. My 7 year old daughter is a good, but reluctant reader. Grace is a bestselling author and illustrator and an advocate for diversity. The book is divided into six short stories about ling and ting, and after the first one, ting is always missing that chunk of hair. But looks are deceivingpeople can be very different, even if they look exactly the same. Ling and ting, not exactly the same is a theodor seuss geisel honor book and why it is an awardwinning book is quite clear. But looks are deceivingpeople can be very different, even if they look. Twins embrace individuality in funny book for new readers.

Their personalities shine through as they get haircuts, do magic tricks, make and eat dumplings, go to the library, and tell stories. Enjoy learning how twins, ling and ting, like to do things together. Case in point is the story the haircuts which tells the tale of how calm ling gets her haircut without. Authorillustrator grace lin shares the first story of her early reader ling and ting. Their personalities shine through as they get haircuts, do magic tricks, make and eat dumplings, go to the library.

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