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The last samurai traces saigos life from his early days as a tax clerk in far southwestern japan, through his rise to national prominence as a fierce imperial loyalist. Outside of academic circles, he is likely most well known for his book the last samurai. Ravinas the last samurai is a wonderful account of the life of a remarkable man. The life and battles of saigo takamori new ed by mark ravina isbn. The dramatic arc of saigo takamoris life, from his humble origins as a lowly samurai, to national leadership, to his death as a rebel leader, has captivated generations of japanese readers and now americans as well his life is the inspiration for a major hollywood film, the last samurai, starring tom cruise and ken watanabe. The life and battles of saigo takamori has 2 available editions to buy at half price books marketplace.

The tom cruise movie, the last samurai depicts saigo takamori as a reactionary who rejected everything western and died valiantly waving a samurai sword as he rode into the murderous fire of gatling guns. I felt that i really got a sense of the sort of person saigo was. Saigo takamori 1827 1877 was born the son of a minor samurai in the employ of the shimazu daimyo, ruler of the domain of satsuma on kyushu, the southernmost main island of the japanese archipelago. Known both for his scholarly research and his appearances on the history channel, ravina recreates the world in which saigo lived and died, the last days of the samurai. Saigo was the inspiration for the character katsumoto in the tom cruise film, also entitled the last samurai.

His life was a roller coaster ride of success and defeat, repeated again and again. He has been a visiting professor at kyoto universitys institute for research in humanities and a research fellow at keio university and the. It was readable, but at the same time rich with specific detail and free of any condescending, orientalized nonsense unlike the film of the same name. Exiled for misconduct, saigo was pardoned in 1864 and called back to the mainland to train a group of satsuma warriors. The life and battles of saigo takamori 9780471705376. The last samurai ebook by mark ravina 9781118045565. The last samurai sets forth to demystify saigos life, his machinations, and the dramatic historical events that shaped the life and death of japans favorite samurai.

Ravina is professor of history at emory university, where he has taught since 1991. The life and battles of saigo takamori, written by mark ravina, chronicles saigos life, from childhood that fashion. Read the last samurai the life and battles of saigo takamori by mark ravina available from rakuten kobo. Helen dewitts 2000 debut, the last samurai, was destined to become a cult classic miramax.

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