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Qutbs works, and qutb in fact wrote an introduction to the second edition of nadwis. William shepard is the author of introducing islam 3. The literature on books that introduce islam is abundant, but it is felt that this book fills a void that exists in the literature. I have also produced an ebook version published in 2010. This book is specifically written for nonmuslims to help them better understand islam, muslims moslems, and the holy quran koran. Hajj is highly spiritual but at the same time highly social and universal activity of islam. Introducing islam, by william shepard, new york, taylor. The author himself has produced this abridged version. A brief illustrated guide to understanding islam english.

In religious terms, this means that the individual who embraces islam as his religion must put the almighty first and foremost in his life, bowing to his wishes in all matters great and small. Fully revised and updated, the second edition of this core textbook adds crucial material on contemporary issues such as women in islam and democratization and human rights. It is an effort which spans almost two decades of both creative and critical thinking. It is brief and simple to read, yet contains much scientific knowledge. While mizan took almost two decades for its completion, this abridgement understandably just took six. William shepard, an experienced teacher in the field, traces the history of islam, from its early environment and origins in the life and career of mohammed, through its classical expressions to its interactions with the west in the. Late postings will receive, at best, only partial credit. An islamist view of government in islam the following. Key issues in islamic social and institutional histories, religious practices, scripture and theology are presented clearly and with an eye towards classroom activities and variable modes of syllabus organization.

My textbook, introducing islam, designed for university students, was published in 2009 and a second edition in 2014. Paul, morris, shepard, william,trebilco, paul, and tidswell,toni eds. Kirby a good shepherd protects the flock and defends it from anything harmful or dangerous. Another consideration here is that the concept of god in islam is distorted in the minds of many nonmuslims who are socalled believers in god and advocates of religion. Achaemenid tombs at naqshi rustam, near persepolis. All content included on our site, such as text, images, digital downloads and other, is the property of its content suppliers and protected by us and international laws.

The basrelief in the lower left of the picture is the roman emperor valerian, who had been captured in battle in 260 submitting ti to the sasasian ruler shapur. William shepard, an experienced teacher in the field, traces the history of. Rent introducing islam 2nd edition 9780415533454 and save up to 80% on. This book continues to be essential reading for students of islam worldwide. What exactly is islam and what does it mean to be a muslim in. It is a practical demonstration of islams call for one people under one god. It is rich in information, references, bibliography, and illustrations.

William shepard traces the history of islam from its origins in the life and career of mohammed, through its. It provides an introduction to islam which is derived directly from the original revealed source. Choose from 31 different sets of introducing islam shepard flashcards on quizlet. Introducing islam encourages students to put aside their preconceptions and explore this fascinating religion. The name of this book is taken from a verse of the quran, the full text of which is. Aburabi e t h e b l a c k w e l l c o m p a n i o n t o. Learn introducing islam shepard with free interactive flashcards. What exactly is islam and what does it mean to be a muslim in the world today. This attempt to expound the contents of islam is not a new one. While nonmuslims regard muhammad as the founder of islam, muslims consider him to. Introducing islam a simple introduction to islam introduction 19 interpretation or commentary has been added. An excellent book for nonmuslims explaining various aspects of islam. Multiple copies are available in multiple copies are available in maughan library.

To download the entire book entitled a brief illustrated guide to understanding islam in pdf format, rightclick on the link below, then in explorer choose save target as, and in netscape choose save link as. A concise introduction is a condensed version of mizan, a comprehensive treatise on the contents of islam by the author. The priest, as the shepherd making present jesus the good shepherd, does this through the function of teaching as well as by. Also an integral p art o f the adjustm ent picture. Today, simply known as medina, it is the second holiest site for muslims, after mecca. A simple guide to islam introduction 5 introduction islam is an arabic word which means submission, surrender and obedience to god.

Shortly after, in 622, the remainder of the muslims in mecca migrated to yathrib which became known as madinat alnabi, the city of the prophet. Muhammad performed his first truly islamic pilgrimage, thereby teaching his. When malcolm x went on the hajj and witnessed the universality of islam, he returned to america as a new man, preaching the concept of one god and one humanity. William shepard, an experienced teacher in the field, since the events of 911 and 77, islam has become one of the most controversial and misunderstood religions in the world.

For these reasons some simple and perhaps elementary demonstrations are used in this presentation. Preceding gh amid i is an illustrious series of names who. Routledge row library reserves schedule of classes and assignments 825 introduction 830 range of study, sourcecritical problems, and the current historical moment shepard, 1 david waines, excursus on islamic origins library reserves. Muhammad and the rise of islam boundless world history. Introducing islam is a fine, balanced and approachable text for bringing a basic understanding of islam to undergraduates. A comprehensive introduction 1 is an extensive study of the contents of islam by javed ah mad ghamid i b. Each student is expected to write a 750 word analysis on islam in the newscontemporary events, contextualizing the significance of the event and the anthropological. Khursid ahmadis a leading muslim scholar and thinker of the jamaateislami in. A reader on classical islam princeton shepard, william e. Introducing islam shepard flashcards and study sets quizlet. Islam for dummies by malcolm clark in epub, fb3, rtf download ebook. A retired associate professor of religious studies from. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. A translation and critical analysis of social justice in islam aladalah alijtima.

The first chapter, some evidence for the truth of islam, answers some important questions which some people ask. Preface this book has evolved from a presentation intended for non muslims in north america. Since the events of 911 and 77, islam has become one of the most controversial and misunderstood religions in the world. The following material comes from a book entitled social justice in islam by sayyid qutb, who is discussed on pp.

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