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Formerly aicpa statement of position 972, software revenue recognition. The new rules, known as topic 606, attempt to standardize and simplify the revenue recognition process for customer contracts across all u. Construction contractors, generally accepted accounting principles is fairly clear, straightforward, and unambiguous regarding the accounting of revenue recognition. There are specific rules relating to the recognition of software revenue, sales of real.

The financial accounting standards board fasb and the international accounting standards board iasb have proposed new standards for revenue recognition in an exposure draft issued in june 2010. The title discusses changes to generally accepted accounting principles gaap in the area of revenue recognition. Abstract the american institute of certified public accountants has issued sop 911, a standard which delineates acceptable practice in the recognition of revenue obtained from computer software. Although us gaap will require entities to report their financial statements using the new revenue recognition standard, there is nothing precluding contractors from continuing to present a supplemental schedule of contract performance on the percentage of completion method along with issued gaap. This revenue standard will supersede virtually all revenue recognition requirements in us gaap generally accepted accounting principles.

The primary authority for software revenue recognition is aicpa statement of position sop no. Whether you are the pm, accountant, bookkeeper, controller cfo or the president of your construction company the wip report is a tool that will help you manage your projects. The standard, issued as asu 201409 1 and codified in asc 606 by the fasb and as ifrs 15 2 by the iasb, outlines a single comprehensive model for entities to use in accounting for revenue arising from contracts with customers and supersedes asc 60535 3 formerly sop 811 4 and most other current revenue recognition. The standard provides a comprehensive, industryneutral revenue recognition model intended to increase financial statement comparability across companies and industries and significantly reduce the complexity inherent in todays revenue recognition. Software companies can even manage both gaap revenues and billings separatelya critical operation for most software companies. The guidelines, entitled statement of position 972, software revenue recognition, described in this article as the new sop supersedes statement of position 911 sop. One primary issue is the timing of the recognition of such revenue. Revenue recognition for software companies softrax industry. Sop 811 and most other current revenue recognition guidance. Percentageofcompletion accounting method for longterm. Subscribe to weekly revenue recognition update gaap has carved out a special niche for construction contractors. Aicpa statements of position sops, available fulltext at the links below from the university of mississippis library digital collections with the permission of the american institute of. While there is no fasb statement for this area, aicpa accounting research bulletin arb no. As evidence that change is the only constant, sop 972 software revenue recognition has subsequently been modified again to.

Contractors, manufacturers, retailers and more will have a lot to consider over the next several months when it comes to how they manage their revenue due to the new financial accounting standards boards fasb revenue recognition standards, topic 606, revenue. Asc 606 does simplify and streamline a number of revenue recognition complexities, but it also introduces a few more judgments calls, which cloud and saas software. Sop 972 governs how any company that licenses, sells, leases or otherwise markets software unless its incidental to the product or service as a whole must recognize the revenue. Revenue recognition for hardware deliverables in software arrangements. Sop 811 statement of position revenue recognition what every construction accountant should knowthe importance of revenue recognition and the story it tells. By clicking on the accept button, you confirm that you have read and understand the fasb website terms and conditions.

It should be applied by all entities that earn such revenue. How to avoid implementation of the new revenue recognition. In the future, for us gaap companies, industryspecific guidance will be gone e. New standards update sop 972 software revenue recognition. Revenue recognition for software companies softrax. Internally, we have been discussing the full implementation of the new revenue recognition standards for our company. The current gaap standards for cloud and saas software companies, sop 972 and asc 985, will soon be obsoleted in favor of asc 606, which is the new gold standard for revenue recognition.

What government contractors should know about the new. Topic 606 requires businesses to recognize contractual revenue. Revenue recognition within the software industry has historically been highly complex with much industryspecific guidance. The completedcontract method recognizes revenue upon completion of the. The new standards are an effort to reconcile and converge disparate accounting standards and practices on revenue recognition. Sop 811 by clicking on the accept button, you confirm that you have read and understand the fasb website terms and conditions. Key differences between asc 60535 formerly sop 811.

Sop 972, software revenue recognition, provides guidance on when revenue should be recognized and in what amounts for licensing, selling, leasing or otherwise marketing computer software. Adjustments to sop 972 software revenue recognition. New revenue guidance implementation in the software industry. The fasb believes that the new revrec principles will make it easier on companies, because they are more broadbased than previous gaap and some industryspecific topics e. Contracts, sop 811, accounting for performance of constructiontype and certain productiontype. Interaction of eitf 0021 and sop 811 eitf 0021 sop 811 is not applicable unless all of the deliverables fall within the scope of sop 811. It did not, however, address the related issues of revenue recognition from the sale and licensing of computer software. An entity is precluded from recognizing revenue unless the arrangement meets the. The mechanics of revenue recognition for construction.

Renowned revenue recognition expert, tony sondhi, discusses the critical issues and implementation. The fasb and the iasb have recently issued an exposure draft of their proposed changes to revenue recognition. In may 2014, the financial accounting standards board fasb issued the. If a loss on the contract is expected or known, regardless of the method of accounting for the contract, you need to calculate the anticipated loss and recognize it immediately in the income statement in accordance with sop 811. Revenue recognition netsuite supports aicpa, fasb and sec regulations including sop 811. Are you ready for the new revenue recognition standard.

Revenue recognition method for cost plus work as previously. Introduction overview in october 1997, the american institute of certified public accountants aicpa adopted a new set of guidelines for revenue recognition in software transactions. The sop s basic principle in software revenue should be recognized at the time the software is delivered. The complete guide to saas revenue recognition with asc 606. It also highlights the most important provisions of gaap related to software revenue recognition. In this paper, the pricewaterhousecoopers pwc global software practice examined certain situations in which adopting ifrs may require a reconsideration of revenue recognition policies and practices that were driven by us gaap. Recognize revenue when or as the entity satisfies a performance obligation. The staff hereby adds new major topic, revenue recognition, and topic a, views on selected revenue recognition issues, to the staff accounting bulletin series. Software revenue recognition journal of accountancy. Key differences between asc 60535 formerly sop 811 and. This asu replaces industry specific revenue recognition guidance including asc 60535, formerly known as sop 811, i.

Business combinations business combinations sec reporting considerations carveout transactions comparing ifrs standards and u. The fasb asked the aicpa to pursue the revenue side of the project after the aicpa published an issues paper on software revenue recognition in april 1987. The standard outlines a single comprehensive model for revenue arising from contracts with customers, and supersedes asc 605353 formerly sop 811 and most other current revenue recognition. Sop 911 was published to provide guidance on applying gaap to software transactions and to narrow the range of revenue recognition practices that were in use before its issuance.

In 1985, the fasb issued sfas 86 dealing with the topic of whether to capitalize or expense computer software costs. Under legacy gaap we have used labor hours not costtocost to determine our percent complete and then used this to recognize revenue. For software companies, asc 606 brings change, guesswork. Netsuite also supports sarbanesoxley compliance with section 404. Accounting for a services element under sop 972 versus sop 811. The new revenue standards asc 606 and ifrs 15, revenue.

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