Whale shark season in galapagos

Most often they are found in the deep waters near the northern tip of the island. The galapagos whale shark project is an ongoing collaboration between the galapagos national park service, the turtle island restoration network, naturalist jonathan r. Near darwin and wolf islands, whale sharks can be spotted. Whale shark season junenovember and manta season decembermay when its slightly warmer.

Its an outstanding island to spot land iguanas, different species of birds like boobies, redbilled tropicbirds, frigatebirds, noddy terns, pelicans, and more. Like the hammerheads, whale sharks are found yearround in the galapagos islands with a yearly migration increasing the numbers during whale shark season. Tagging amazingly huge whale sharks in the galapagos. Lava lizards begin mating behavior which includes pushups. Over the past two years the best months have been august and september, if you really want to experience galapagos diving you need to dive darwin and wolf. Brydes and sperm whales, common and bottlenose dolphins, and orcas are seen throughout the year in the galapagos. Imagining a vacation involving sea lions, penguins, seals, eagle rays, marine iguanas, hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks, sea turtles, golden rays and whale sharks is a phenomenal experience. The galapagos national park for its exciting wildlife. The galapagos islands are home to over 24 different species of dolphin and whale. The whale shark rhincodon typus is a slowmoving, filterfeeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species.

The diving season in galapagos is generally divided into two categories. Diving and snorkeling at these islands are outstanding. Whale sharks are studied off the galapagos islands daily. Whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea, can reach up to 40ft and approximately 12m. The galapagos whale shark project was born of a curiosity about whale sharks and love of the oceans. This period of time also offers the opportunity to dive. The best time and place to see them is between june and october, and the best location is in the channel between the islands of isabela and fernandina. There are many destinations around the world to swim and dive with whale sharks, so we wanted to provide you with a handy guide with the best places for every month of the year. July and august are the months with strongest winds due to cold currents humbolt. New live aboard, itinerary and prime whale shark season with optional addon in ecuador.

Whale shark reproduction galapagos conservation trust. It was the biggest show and highlight of that morning outing. Scuba dive galapagos aboard majestic explorer august 10. Scientists track gentle giant whale sharks off the galapagos islands to reveal new clues on the mysterious lives of worlds largest fish. Best guide to scuba diving in galapagos islands, ecuador. Humpbacks, minkes, seis, and blue whales are only present seasonally when they drop down.

Posted by admin on 72110 categorized as dive reports, the galapagos. Although the name might suggest otherwise, it is not a whale. This article explains when the best time of year is to dive with hammerhead sharks in galapagos and where to find them. Darwin and wolf islands are where the liveaboard boats go to for the ultimate whale shark experience. Santa cruz giant tortoises migrate down from the highlands to the lowlands to begin mating season humpback whales migrate through galapagos good time to see whale sharks off of darwin and wolf island, until novemberish july. Whale sharks are most commonly seen in the north of the galapagos marine reserve, close to the islands of wolf and darwin. Theyll happily cover kilometers of ocean in search of food and typically come to the galapagos northern islands between june and december to feed. Typically, whale sharks are more active near the northern islands of wolf and darwin between june and december. Puerto ayora, ecuador october 7, 2015 with the permission of the galapagos national park directorate, experts from around the globe sailed to darwin island in the far northern region of the galapagos marine reserve in ecuador. The rainy season in the galapagos lasts from december to may and it is a great time to go snorkeling and swimming. When to go to the galapagos islands galapagos travel center. Here, they can be seen between 6 and 60 feet 2 and 20 meters under the waters surface as they feed along rocky outcrops. Our guests were all in awe at the greatness of this gargantuan fish one of the largest in the world. Swimming with whale sharks in djibouti promised to be the highlight of our trip but would it live up to the hype.

June through november is a perfect time to see the unbelievable whale sharks on the galapagos islands. Those who desire the large pelagic, the apex predators and the challenge of man against nature are a special type. Whale sharks rhincodon typus are the largest fish in the sea, and large adults may reach 40 ft. Galapagos facts month by month galapagos cruises and. Observational findings over the last two decades, a number of dive masters, led by jonathan r. Im a pessimist and peters the opposite, so while he was brimming with anticipation at the prospect of swimming with whale sharks in djibouti, i sat dolefully in a corner wondering if a we would even see a whale shark and b if i would be able to keep up with it. Whale shark season starts in june and runs to november. Whale sharks are filter feeders, extracting plankton from the water, and often small fish as well.

For the best chance of seeing a whale shark in the galapagos, head to the open water around wolf and darwin islands between june and december. Hammerheads, galapagos sharks, and even whale sharks, occur during the warm and wet season januarymay. Best time to see whale sharks in galapagos islands 2020. If you share the same curiosity, would love diving with whale sharks and care about the oceans then please enter our webpage and join us. If you wish to dive in galapagos with numerous schools of hammerhead, galapagos sharks, oceanic whitetip, dolphins, whale sharks and whales, you must be sure you visit the northern most islands of wolf and darwin. We do know that whale sharks like warm, tropical oceans. The main season runs from the end of march to april, and from october to december. Thanks to this database, green was able to make some preliminary findings about whale sharks. Marine megafauna foundation galapagos whale shark season. Diving with whale sharks dive the world creature features. Diving in the galapagos islands bluewater dive travel.

Indepth trip reports see an entire weeks trip report. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18. The whale shark in galapagos facts on the worlds largest. Pregnant whale shark from the galapagos in september 2016, chris rohner and i from mmf were lucky enough to be able to join a research expedition to darwin island. Whale sharks are regularly sighted between june and november. Green, have contributed to a database of sightings of whale sharks in the galapagos marine reserve, gmr, which provides baseline information on seasonal frequency and distribution. The dry season on the islands begins from june and goes on to november. Cetaceans enjoy the galapagos islands western watersin particular the region between isabela and fernandina islands due to the cromwell currents upwelling. Galapagos whale shark galapagos whale shark project. The best time to dive with whale sharks in galapagos from a liveaboard is the dry season between june and dec. Species of baleen whales found in the galapagos include blue whale, brydes whale, humpback whale, minke, and sei. Nevertheless, some hotel and cruises may have a price difference between some times of the year. The islands of the galapagos provide numerous areas of natural upwelling during whale shark season and the plankton love this. That is why the highest chance of meeting these creatures can be only guaranteed on.

Such is the range of creatures, that it is difficult to avoid lists when discussing galapagos scuba diving. From june to dicember you can encouter whale sharks in galapagos, roaming about the open waters near darwin and wolf. When is the best time to dive with hammerheads in galapagos. There is not really a low or high season in galapagos, it all depends on what you are more interested in seeing. Unlike with most sharks, where the mouth is found on the underside of the head, the mouth of a whale shark is found at the front of its head. People always want to know what the conditions are like in the north and current reports are not so easy to come by. The trip was organised by jonathan green from the galapagos whale shark project, and funded primarily by the galapagos conservation trust and the bbc shooting footage for the. It is the sole member of the genus rhincodon and the. When these three variables interact, the galapagos islands become the perfect place for whale watching. Galapagos land based diving and whale shark season. Considering that you are located in toronto, your best bet for whale sharks is to head to cancun in the junesept window, when large groups of whale sharks tend to gather in several areas in the region to feed on plankton the isla holbox area in fairly shallow water just off the north of the yucatan, and another group in deep water in the.

Lava lizards mating season initiate and continue until november. Its uncommon to see galapagos whale sharks on a cruise. They are migratory, and travel the oceans in regular routes to feed. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, with adults regularly in the 10 to 12meter variety 33 to 40 feet. Whale and dolphin watching in the galapagos, when and where. Studies have shown that most whale sharks in the galapagos are large, pregnant females. A baleen whale feeds by opening its mouth and taking in water, which is expelled through the baleen, trapping small animals such as krill and fish. It has a wide, flat head, a rounded snout, very small eyes, 2 dorsal fins on its back, 5 very large gill slits, and 2 pectoral fins on its sides. For the wildlife enthusiasts, they can easily spot sea lions and turtles during this time of the year. Best time for whale shark season around utila in honduras. July to december is known as whale shark season in the galapagos islands and is obviously the best time to visit there to see the sharks, sometimes several on a single dive. The objective was to document the movements and behaviors of the worlds largest fish, the whale shark rhincodon typus, in.

Diving with hammerheads tips to get a great shot or video. Josh jones peak whale shark season galapagos is hot hot hot. The best time to swim with whale sharks in the galapagos is during the dry season, which takes place between june and december. Whale sightings in the galapagos islands depend on an interesting correlation between the return of the southeast trade winds, the availability of food caused by upwellings, and the migration patterns of cetaceans. Mexicos pacific coast is another great place for encounters with these mighty fish.

When is the best time to dive with whale sharks in galapagos. The galapagos islands are one of several locations that are visited by the whale sharks during the year. We saw a whale shark on our may 2018 group trip to galapagos one month earlier than the official whale shark season. It is one of the few places in the world where whale sharks can be observed all year round. Because most scuba divers are restricted to a certain time for their vacation, this article intends to introduce a few options for your whale shark adventures. If you want a small chance to see them on the central islands it is during the wet season dec may although it is not very likely you will see one. The galapagos whale shark projects mission as of 2011 is to learn more about the creatures so that the galapagos marine reserve can help them survive. Whale sharks in the galapagos islands happy gringo travel. The fact that so little is known about where whale sharks are born and spend the first few years of life highlights the importance of the research being conducted in galapagos. Cenderawasih bay in west papua, indonesia has superb encounters all year round.

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